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June Saturday 24, 2017 at 14:35
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Top to bottom ,this colorful and broad telescopic mosaic links Markarian's Chain of galaxies across the core of the Virgo Cluster todusty spiral galaxy Messier 64.Galaxies are scattered through the field of view that spans some 20 full moons across a gorgeous night sky.The cosmic frame is also filled with foreground stars fromconstellations Virgo and the well-groomed Coma Berenices, andfaint, dusty nebulae drifting above the plane of the Milky Way.Look carefully for Markarian's eyes .The famous pair of interacting galaxies is near the top, not far from M87 ,the Virgo cluster's giant elliptical galaxy.At the bottom, you can stare down Messier 64 , also known as theBlack Eye Galaxy.The Virgo Cluster is the closest large galaxy cluster to our own local galaxy group. VirgoCluster galaxies are about 50 million light-years distant,but M64 lies a mere 17 million light-years away.

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